Solicitor in sham marriage TV sting loses strike-off appeal

Lección de inglés jurídico online, 9 de junio de 2020.

Mejore su inglés jurídico online. En esta clase de inglés jurídico, veremos palabras, frases y expresiones idiomáticas del inglés jurídico.


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1 Introducción – Español

En esta clase de inglés comercial online aprenderemos algunas palabras, frases y expresiones idiomáticas del inglés jurídico.
Estudiaremos un artículo del periódico británico The Law Society Gazette.

Clases Jurstic onlineEste periódico es del Colegio de Abogados del Reino Unido, que es el organismo rector de los «solicitors» – en el derecho del Reino Unido un solicitor es un abogado que trabaja con la mayoría de los asuntos legales, pero que no puede representar a sus clientes en un Tribunal de la Corona o superior – en Inglaterra y Gales.

Recuerde que en el Reino Unido la ley en Escocia e Irlanda del Norte es diferente a la ley en Inglaterra y Gales.

El artículo trata sobre un abogado que ha sido » stuck off» – perdió su licencia de abogado – porque estaba ayudando a personas con » sham marriages» – un matrimonio falso entre dos personas que no vivirán juntas, y que sólo se casan para acceder a la residencia.
Un programa de televisión que investigaba los matrimonios falsos filmó al abogado ofreciendo ayudar a la gente a organizar su matrimonio falso.

Este tipo de investigación se llama » sting operation/investigation» – un engaño es una investigación diseñada para atrapar a una persona cometiendo un crimen. Una operación encubierta típica hará que un agente de la ley, detective o miembro de la cooperativa juegue un papel como socio criminal o víctima potencial y acompañe las acciones de un sospechoso para reunir pruebas de su mala conducta.

El abogado Sr. Syed Muzahr Naqvi, fue suspendido por el Tribunal Disciplinario de Abogados (SDT) el 13 de mayo de 2019.
El Sr. Naqvi » appealed» – en inglés legal el verbo regular » to appeal» significa pedir a un tribunal superior la revocación de una decisión de un tribunal inferior – la decisión del SDT al Tribunal Superior de Justicia.

El Sr. Naqvi «argued» – en inglés legal el verbo regular «to argue» significa tratar de persuadir a alguien dando razones – de que la compañía de televisión lo provocó para que ayudara con el matrimonio falso, y en circunstancias normales no se habría involucrado en matrimonios falsos.

Este artículo es un resumen de la decisión del Tribunal Superior de Justicia.

Todas las palabras y frases destacadas se explican en el artículo.
Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el artículo que no hemos explicado completamente, por favor contáctenos.

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Cinco clases de inglés de negocios online durante cinco días por 15€.

Significa cinco clases de inglés de negocios en línea de 30 minutos uno a uno. Todas las clases deben ser completadas en cinco días hábiles a partir de la primera clase. El horario de las clases es entre las 10.00 y las 16.00.

2 Introducción – Inglés

Online Legal English Lesson 9th June 2020.
Improve your legal English online. In this legal English lesson we look at legal English words, phrase and idiomatic expressions.

In this online business English lesson we will learn some legal English words, phrase and idiomatic expressions.
We will study an article from the UK newspaper The Law Society Gazette.

Clases Jurstic onlineThis newspaper is from the UK’s Law Society, which is the governing agency for “solicitors” – in UK law a solicitor is a lawyer who works with most legal matters, but who cannot represent their clients in a Crown Court or higher – in England and Wales.

Remember in the UK the law in Scotland and Northern Ireland is different to the law in England and Wales.

The article is about a solicitor who has been “stuck off” – lost his lawyers licence – because he was helping people with “sham marriages” – a fake marriage between two people who won’t live together, and are only married for an advantage such as residency.

A TV program investigating sham marriages filmed the solicitor offering to help people arrange their sham marriage.
This type of investigation is called a “sting operation/investigation” – a sting is an investigation designed to catch a person committing a crime. A typical sting will have an undercover law enforcement officer, detective, or co-operative member of the public play a role as criminal partner or potential victim and go along with a suspect’s actions to gather evidence of the suspect’s wrongdoing.

The solicitor Mr Syed Muzahr Naqvi, was stuck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT)on 13th May 2019.
Mr Naqvi “appealed” – in legal English the regular verb “to appeal” means to ask a higher court for a reversal of a decision by a lower court – the decision of the SDT to the High Court of Justice.

Mr Naqvi “argued” – in legal English the regular verb “to argue” means to try and persuade someone by giving reasons – that the TV company provoked him into helping with the sham marriage, and under normal circumstances he would not have done been involved in sham marriages.

This article is a summary of the decision of the High Court of Justice.

All the highlighted words and phrases are explained under the article.

If you have any questions about the article that we didn’t fully explain please contact us.

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Significa cinco clases de inglés de negocios en línea de 30 minutos uno a uno. Todas las clases deben ser completadas en cinco días hábiles a partir de la primera clase. El horario de las clases es entre las 10.00 y las 16.00.

3 Artículo – Inglés

This article was written by John Hyde and was published in the Law Society Gazette on 3rd June 202
Click here for the orginal article.

An immigration solicitor banned following his appearance in a TV sting on sham marriages has failed to overturn the decision in the High Court.
Syed Muzaher Naqvi had sought to overturn the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal decision to strike him off, saying the prosecution was based on firstly entrapment and then edited versions of events provided by the TV company making the programme.

Lord Justice Flaux, sitting in Naqvi v Solicitors Regulation Authority, rejected his appeal, saying the solicitor had been prepared to deliberately circumvent immigration rules and that the judgment of the tribunal could not be faulted.

The judge added: ‘This was serious professional misconduct involving dishonesty which was at the highest end of the spectrum involving serious damage to the reputation of the profession and a serious breach of the trust that the public is entitled to place in the profession.’

Naqvi, a sole practitioner with Southall-based Naqvi & Co Solicitors, had been investigated following his appearance on a July 2015 programme entitled ‘ITV Exposure UK: The Shame Marriage Racket’. The documentary included footage of an undercover reporter posing as a client and twice visiting Naqvi’s west London offices.

The tribunal concluded that Naqvi had told the purported client he did not wish to know whether the relationship in question was genuine. Indeed, the solicitor’s willingness to advise and assist a Home Office application was ‘clear’ from the transcript of the conversation.

Naqvi, admitted in 2009, attempted to argue against his strike-off, saying his conduct was provoked by deception, without which it would not have occurred.

Before the High Court last month, he argued that the unavailability of the reporter for cross-examination at the tribunal was an abuse of process. He said the full transcripts of the two interviews ‘could well’ have been edited and inaccurate. He submitted that both the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the SDT had been selective, picking and choosing passages whereas the transcript as a whole demonstrated that he had not been guilty of misconduct.

The SRA told the court the tribunal’s findings followed a three-day hearing at which Naqvi was represented by leading counsel. The tribunal was ‘crystal clear’ in rejecting Naqvi’s case that he and the client were at cross purposes.

The judge said Naqvi could not ‘begin to show’ that the tribunal was not entitled to reach its conclusions on his misconduct and dishonesty. The submission that he gave only generic advice was ‘no more than an attempt to reargue the case’ in circumstances where the tribunal had already rejected it.

You can read the court’s judgment here.

Cinco clases de inglés de negocios online durante cinco días por 19€.

Significa cinco clases de inglés de negocios en línea de 30 minutos uno a uno. Todas las clases deben ser completadas en cinco días hábiles a partir de la primera clase. El horario de las clases es entre las 10.00 y las 16.00.

4 Preguntas de Comprensión


#1. What area of law did Mr Naqvi practice?

#2. What court did Mr Naqvi appeal to?

#3. What two reasons did Mr Naqvi cite as to why he should not be struck off?

#4. What is the name of the High Judge who presided over the case?

#5. What reason did the Judge give for rejecting the appeal?

#6. What type of solicitor’s practice did Mr Naqvi have?

#7. What was the name of the TV program?

#8. Where was Mr Naqvi’s offices?

#9. What did Mr Naqvi tell the “client”?

#10. According to Mr Naqvi, who couldn’t come to the SDT?

#11. What did Mr Naqvi call the fact that the reporter couldn’t come?

#12. What did Mr Naqvi say about the transcripts of the TV show?

#13. How long did the SDT hearing last?


Cinco clases de inglés de negocios online durante cinco días por 19€.

Significa cinco clases de inglés de negocios en línea de 30 minutos uno a uno. Todas las clases deben ser completadas en cinco días hábiles a partir de la primera clase. El horario de las clases es entre las 10.00 y las 16.00.

5 Lista de palabras – Inglés/Español

The noun immigration describes the act of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.
In the article the solicitor is a specialist lawyer for people who want to come and live in permanently the UK.
El sustantivo inmigración describe el acto de venir a vivir permanentemente en un país extranjero.
En el artículo, el abogado está especializado en personas que quieren residir en el Reino Unido.

Failed to Overturn the Decision
In legal English to over turn the decision describes when a higher court disagrees with a decision made by a lower court.
Because the world failed is before the decision this means the higher court agrees with the lower court.
En inglés legal to over turn la decisión describe cuando un tribunal superior no está de acuerdo con una decisión tomada por un tribunal inferior.
Debido a que se falló antes de la decisión esto significa que el tribunal superior está de acuerdo con el tribunal inferior.

In legal English the noun entrapment is the action of tricking someone into committing a crime in order to secure their prosecution.
En inglés legal, el sustantivo » Entrapment » es la acción de engañar a alguien para que cometa un delito con el fin de asegurar su enjuiciamiento.

Circumvent Immigration Rules
The regular verb circumvent means to find a way around an obstacle. In this this context the obstacle are the immigration rules.
In the article it is suggested that the solicitor found a way to avoid the immigration rules.
El verbo regular ‘Circumvent’ significa encontrar un camino alrededor de un obstáculo. En este contexto el obstáculo son las normas de inmigración.
En el artículo se sugiere que el abogado encontró una manera de evitar las normas de inmigración.

Could not be Faulted
The phrase could not be faulted means that no reason could be found for criticizing the original decision.
La frase » Could not be Faulted » significa que no se pudo encontrar ninguna razón para criticar la decisión original.

Serious Professional Misconduct
Serious Professional Misconduct is an offence committed by certain professionals within their own code that justifies sanctions, including striking from their professional register.
La ‘Serious Professional Misconduct’ es un delito cometido por ciertos profesionales dentro de su propio código que justifica las sanciones, incluida la eliminación de su registro profesional.

In the context of the article the noun dishonesty describes a fraudulent or deceitful act.
En el contexto del artículo, el sustantivo » Dishonesty » describe un acto fraudulento o engañoso.

Damage to the Reputation
In legal English the phrase damage to reputation describes the harm done to other peoples opinion of you.
En inglés jurídico, la frase » Damage to the Reputation » (daño a la reputación) describe el daño causado a la opinión de otras personas sobre usted.

Sole Practitioner
A professional person (solicitor, accountant, architect) who works alone and not with another professional.
Un profesional (abogado, contable, arquitecto) que trabaja solo y no con otro profesional.

The verb regular verb to conclude means to bring something to an end.
In the context of the article conclude is used to describe the end of the decision by Justice Flaux.
El verbo regular para concluir significa llevar algo a un final.
En el contexto del artículo ‘Concluded’ se utiliza para describir el final de la decisión del Justice Flaux.

El adjetivo ‘Purported’ significa que parece o se afirma que es cierto, aunque no necesariamente; alegado.

Home Office
The Home Office in the UK is the Interior Ministry.
El Ministerio del Interior.

An Abuse of Process
The legal phrase an abuse of process is something so unfair and wrong that the court should not allow a person to proceed with what is in all other respect a regular proceeding.
La frase legal «An Abuse of Process » es algo tan injusto y erróneo que el tribunal no debe permitir que una persona siga adelante con lo que por lo demás es un procedimiento normal.

The legal English regular verb submit present a proposal to a person or body for consideration or judgement.
El verbo regular del inglés legal » Submitted » presenta una propuesta a una persona u organismo para su consideración o juicio.

Solicitors Regulation Authority
This is the group who regulate Solicitors in the England and Wales.
Este es el grupo que regula a los abogados en Inglaterra y Gales.

Crystal Clear
The Phrase Crystal Clear describes something that is easy to understand.
La frase «Crystal Clear» describe algo que es fácil de entender.

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