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Nueva jerga, ¿estás de acuerdo con la gente joven?

New Slang!

Una de las peores cosas en inglés, o en cualquier idioma, es cuando las personas mayores usan términos y frases de la jerga para tratar de sonar como gente más joven.

Esto se llama «bajarse con los niños».
Según el periódico británico The Independent, en Estados Unidos hay un anciano profesor de sociología que mantiene una hoja de cálculo con todas las palabras de la jerga que usan sus estudiantes.

Aparentemente el profesor no usa las frases él mismo, pero guarda la hoja de cálculo para que pueda entender de qué hablan sus estudiantes cuando usan la jerga.

Desplácese para leer la lista:

Nueva jerga, ¿estás de acuerdo con la gente joven?

New Slang!

One of the worst things in English, or any language, is when older people use slang terms and phrases to try and sound like younger people.

This is called “getting down with the kids”.
According to the UK newspaper, the Independent there is an elderly sociology professor in the United States who keeps a spread sheet of all the slang words his students use.

Apparently the professor does not use the phrases himself, but keeps the spread sheet so he can understand what his students are talking about when they use slang.
Here are some of the examples:

Slang Meaning Example
Periodt See Facts Yes, you are correct, periodt.
Pull up/ Come thru An invitation It’s my birthday Saturday, you come thru?
Put someone on The act of getting someone on a trend John, never heard of rap, put him on it.
Rashing To make fun of someone Hey, don’t worry Phil, just rashing you.
Real One Valid Person, someone you trust Mary is a real one, I can tell her anything.
Run that To take, to start It’s time, run that movie.
Secured the bag Money Received Thanks for lending it to me, I sucured the bag.
High Key Very obvious It’s high key, Jane is such a bitch.
Hip/Get hip Adopt a new trend Man you got to get hip, now.
Hop off Mind your own business Stop listening to me, hop off
I’m dead That was amusing I saw Jimmy Fallon last night, and I am dead
Jams An old enjoyable song Don’t you forget about me, is such a jams
Jamn Things, object, person, place That jamn is mine
Low Key Not obvious I read the story but the mean is low key
Mad Mad/Big Mad Very angry Man, I am so big mad with you at the moment
No Cap I am serious You need to pay me back, no cap!
Nunya None of your business Go away, this is nunya
Sis Exclamation of disbelief SIS!!!
Slaps High quality This new phone is slaps
Smacks A tasty treat I love chocolate smacks
Stay up You will be OK Hey man, stay up, you will get a new girlfriend
Sus Suspicious I am not sure, but I am sus that Jon stole my phone
Take the L Make a sacrifice Mate, take the l, then we can all go
Tea/Spill the tea Gossip What happened on your date, tea!
That ain’t it Unacceptable Dude, your attitude ain’t it

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Written by Feargal on May 26th 2019.

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