Cursos Ingles online – El idioma de Brexit

En este curso de inglés en línea nos fijamos en el idioma de Brexit

Cursos Ingles online – El idioma de Brexitt

En este curso de inglés en línea nos fijamos en el idioma de Brexit

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Online English Course – The Langauge of Brexit.

In this online English course we look at the langauge of brexit.

Brexit means Brexit, or does it?

In June 2016 the United Kingdom held a referendum on its future in the European Union.
In this blog post I will try to explain some of the language, not politics (maybe), related to Brexit.


I suppose a good starting place is the word Brexit.
Brexit is the combination of the words British and Exit, which when combined and modified make the new word Brexit.
Many of the backers of Brexit believe that there will be a Spanexit, Spanish exit from the EU, Itexit, Italian exit from the EU, Irexit Irish exit from the EU and so on.

Brexit means Brexit.

“Brexit means Brexit”, no one really knows what this means, but it was a soundbite created by the media team hired by Theresa May when she was campaigning to become leader of the British Conservative Party.

After she became British Prime Minister, Mrs May started to use another Brexit soundbite to persuade her followers that Britain would be the winning side of the Brexit negotiations, the soundbite was:
“Red White and Blue Brexit” – this sound bite was used, because it reflected the colours of the British Flag.
Mrs May stopped using this soundbite when it was pointed out that Red White and Blue were the colours of the, Dutch, Russian, American, French, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Serb, Norway and North Korean flags.

They need us more than we need them.

This is a soundbite used by Brexit supporting MPs and their friends in the media.
This sound bite is used to suggest that the UK is more powerful than the remaining 27 EU countries and the UK will able trick the EU into giving the UK a better trade deal outside of the EU.

The German Car Industry.

This soundbite is also used by Brexit supporting MPs and their friends in the media.
The soundbite is used to suggest that because BMW, Audi and so on sell so many cars in the UK they will force the German government to persuade the EU to give the UK a better trade deal.

We will make a titanic success of Brexit.

This soundbite was created by Tory MP and possible future PM Boris Johnson.
Of course titanic means, of exceptional strength, size, or power, and it was in the pure meaning of titanic that Johnson made up the soundbite.
However people soon pointed out that, The Titanic, was one of the world’s biggest maritime disasters and Johnson stopped using the soundbite.

The British Border in Ireland/Backstop.

The United Kingdom only has one land border, the border it created on the Island of Ireland.
This is called the British Border in Ireland.
There is an international treaty between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, called the Belfast Good Friday Agreement.
This agreement states that there cannot be a physical border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.
However when the UK leaves the European Union, the UK is obliged to put a physical border between Northern Ireland the Irish Republic, something it can’t do under international law because of the Good Friday Agreement.

To overcome this problem Mrs May created a complex idea called the Northern Irish Backstop, which leaves Northern Ireland in both the European Union and The United Kingdom.
This solution, which was agreed by Mrs May and the European union, is what has delayed the UK from leaving the EU, because most members of the British Parliament won’t agree to it.


Inside the Conservative Party there is a group of far right Brexit extremists, who want the UK to leave the EU with no deal, this group is called the ERG, which stands for European Research Group.
Many people find this name funny because the people in the group hate everything European and have never done any research.
The ERG believe that if Northern Ireland remains in both the EU and UK, then the border between the UK and the EU will be in the sea between Northern Ireland and the rest of the mainland UK, and this will be the end of the United Kingdom.
They insist that that the Belfast Good Friday Agreement, the agreement that ended the 30 year violent conflict in Northern Ireland should be destroyed, so Brexit can happen.
The leader of the ERG is a 48 year old male MP called Jacob Rees Mogg. Mr Mogg comes from an old English family who made their money by doing business in countries whose economics have collapsed.
Despite his age, Mr Mogg still uses the services of the nanny he had when he was a child.


Another group who believe the same thing as the ERG is the DUP, which stands for Democrat Unionist Party.
This is the biggest political party in Northern Ireland, and they believe that Northern Ireland is not a part Ireland or the United Kingdom, but is actually part of England!
The DUP represents about 25% of the people in Northern Ireland and has 10 PM’s in Westminster. Because Mrs May’s Tory party did not get an overall majority in the 2017 election, the 10 DUP PM’s keep the Tories in power.


The SNP or Scottish Nationalist Party is the biggest Scottish political party, it represents about 70% of Scottish people, and it is also unhappy with Northern Ireland being in the EU and the UK.
Scotland voted to stay in the European Union by almost 70%.
The SNP says, if Northern Ireland can have a special arrangement to be in both the UK and EU then Scotland must have the same agreement too.

Let’s Go WTO

This is a soundbite created by the ERG, who say that a no deal Brexit is okay because when the UK leaves the EU it can simply join the WTO, World Trade Organisation, and trade will continue as normal.
For many reasons, which are too long to go into here, this is simply not true.

The Norway Option.

Norway is not in the EU, but it is in the European Economic Area.
The Norway Option of remaining in the EEA, but out of the EU was put forward by many ERG MPs, however when it was pointed out that Norway has to pay to be in the EEA, and that Norway has no power to decide the policy of the EEA, some of the ERG MPs stopped talking about the Norway Option, some still do.

The Swiss Option.

Many ERG members want to have the same relationship that Switzerland has with the EU.
However when they realised that Switzerland is in EEA, the European Customs Union and in Schengen (free movement of people) some of the ERG MPs didn’t want the Swiss Option, some still do, but without free movement, or being in the CU and EEA!

Workers’ Rights.

The British labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, unlike most of the labour party members and most of Labour MPs wants Brexit.
Mr Crobyn thinks the EU is a capitalist project that only cares for business and not workers.
Despite believing the EU hates workers, the reason Mr Corbyn won’t support Mrs May’s deal is because the deal, as it currently stands removes all the rights the EU created to protect workers, such as working hours, health and safety, etc.
There is a suggestion that Mrs May has changed her mind and will now allow all EU workers’ rights to remain after Brexit.
This makes Mr Corbyn happy and he could now support Mrs May’s deal, however many of Labour MPs may not!


This was one of the two leave campaign groups.
It was headed up by the ex-ukip and now Brexit party leader Nigel Farage.
Some of the leaders of this group has been reported to the Met Police in London for its alleged illegal actions and illegal spending during the Brexit referendum campaign.

Vote Leave

This was the other leave campaign group.
It was headed up by Tory politician Boris Johnson and Labour politician Gisela Stewart.
This group was found guilty of illegal spending during the Brexit referendum campaign.


The Independent Group, now called Change UK, is a new political party which was created when a number of pro EU Tory and Labour politicians, left their parties because both the Conservative and Labour parties are pushing for Brexit.


The Liberal Democrats, are the forgotten 3rd Party in the UK.
The Liberal Democrats have always been pro Europe, they have made it clear that a vote for the LibDems is a vote to remain in the EU.
In the local elections held on May 2nd 2019 the Tories lost 1000+ seats, Labour lost 600+ seats and the LibDems won an extra 800+ seats.
When the results of the local elections were announced both Mrs May, the leader of the Tories, and Mr Corbyn, the leader of Labour, said that the results of the elections mean that the British people what the UK to leave the EU quickly!

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Written by Feargal on May 4th 2016.
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